Tuesday, February 20, 2018

NodeJS, Python, SAP HANA, Data Cleansing and Dota

It's been a while since i write something. I hate to say it but I'm not that busy. Maybe getting older or maybe too many Dota. ~dota ... its obvious

Well anyway for last 3 years i stuck and still in a SAP HANA Project, with changing task over the years. first one is just making mockup with SAPUI5. With no one in Quality Assurance to check my work. It's just like walk in a park. Next one is to setup application server for SAPUI5. I want to use nodeJS and angular but since the contract says it has to be done in java, i got no other choice. It was hard since the SAP HANA 11 document doesn't say anything on how to deploy java war into SAP HANA onpremise. There are alot of tutorial on how to doit for cloud HANA but there are nothing on how to deploy to HANA onpremise. In the end i just use tomcat server rather than HANA so at least i can show something that java and sapui5 is working.

After few weeks on java and sapui5, the task was change into creating application for Data Cleansing division. I throw SAP HANA development to my junior because there is no one else who want to take the job. So then I began the journey to create app for Data Cleansing Team. The app itself is simple. It just going to update any Flagged/ False data with the new data. the flagged data is not overwritten so we can revert back if anything happen. That's the idea. I've been given freedom to use any tools so i decide that I'm gonna use NodeJS for this app. With DB2 as dbase and with expressJS as framework its not really hard. But with many rules that applied on a field the work become not simple. after few month doing the app, change happen. The client doesn't want to update the Flagged data one by one. but using simple tools or query to update alot of the data with the restriction that been given by the client. In the end the app its self is not going to be used. feeling bit disappointment i move on because of I'm excited to learn spoon from Pentaho as the tools to do cleansing the Data.

spoon is free so it's been nice journey as i learn new thing just because my logic programming not quite click. But team Data Cleansing give a few lesson and hint so it's turn out just fine. However things turn out to be gloomy. after 3 years few of the worker resign and it turn out to be very bad for the project.

In the end I just starting to not care about the project and continuing my NodeJS adventure.

right now I'm learning Ionic Framework that can create app for mobile devices in one go. It seems it was extend from cordova phonegap. And also learning python with Odoo as the subject. so with them I'm starting to learn on using Odoo web service to be used on Mobile App with Ionic Framework.

Odoo web service using xmlrpc...... with i don't know anything about that. It's bit fun searching ways to use Odoo xmlrpc into an app. Trouble with CORS, and finding library to use xmlrpc-response is just few things that i found along the way. I hope i can create and article about it if i have some motivation haha. I didn't do much with python because i have learn it few years back and also made some adjustment for CORS problem, i have to compile Odoo which turn out to be not so simple process. anyway it still is fun.

Dota always be my relief but the game always become toxic after few minutes. but overall its always fun. With 5958 hours and 4395 match  on the game i can't say its just a relief. addicted it is.

that's it for now. I just hope i can write something again next time.

~~I'm still don't know about my future whether i will be in this company or not.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

League of Legends dan Ragnarok Online 2

Akhir - akhir ini saya lagi ketagihan maen game online yaitu League of Legends dan Ragnarok Online 2. entah kenapa jadi kecanduan, emang dasarnya gamer kali ya.

udah lumayan lama maen League of Legends tapi ga tau mw diterusin kemana, apa ikut turnament ato apa gitu yang menghasilkan. tapi emang belum ada sponsor yang bikin acara Tournament LOL di bandung.

gameplay League of Legends diadaptasi dari DOTAnya Warcraft, karena emang suka dota tapi ga pernah maen ama player jadinya di league of legends jadi ketagihan.

Beda lagi sama Ragnarok Online 2 yang emang menjadi kebutuhan saya sebagai petualang RPG, padahal cuman ngikutin quest, cari card, item doank malah bikin ketagihan juga.

jadi kalo League of Legends emang punya rencana ikut tournament ato semacemnya. tinggal cari team yang lumayan bisa carry, jadilah the best team ever.

anyway ini cuman iseng2 doank ngetik secara belum pernah di update lagi blog pribadi gw.

kalo masalah kerjaan sih lagi sibuk2nya di dunia Mobile, tapi belum kesampean juga dapet project yang bisa buat beli motor baru lah.

mudah2an ada project yang lumayan gede n bisa dikerjain sendiri. itu sih harapannya, tapi daripada berharap mending gw bkin produk yang bisa dapetin income yang lumayan gede ato seengganya stabil lah..

Doain saya ya, mudah2an dapet ilham biar sadar n ga maen game terus hehe.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dave On Wheels: Three Friends And A Whole Lot More

Dave On Wheels: Three Friends And A Whole Lot More: Written on Monday, October 8th, 2012.. today I found out i have pneumonia. it not the nice kind either, where you cough for few days th...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mobile Application Developer

Lately I've been busy coding in java for blackberry. I really want to move to Android or iOs which i think most interesting. but anyway. im still coding on blackberry but having blackberry phone with OS 5. it's really difficult just to get a new developing way. that is the way of the web html5.

to code in this OS you'll need to do in java code not the html5.
in html5 creating User Interface is not difficult. you only have to know html.
with java code if you want to create User Interface with slight change, you have to go down on the code and search in forums if they already have the code with your slight change.

so its been confusing month with Blackberry Native Code. i just hope my phone can be change to blackberry 10 device.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Write Something

It's been a while since I've writing on this blog. My only reason is work. Why work ? because everything cost money. I know not all people is money oriented but right now it seems that money is the only thing that keep me living and also its the only thing to keep other live a life. Donation also preferred in a form of money, of course they don't reject anything else other than money. Every donation we give, it also can keep a people live a life. And what about people that have a really ton's of money ? most of them are still trying to create more money. i don't hate them but when i see homeless people or kids begging for money on the side of the road, you start to ask question about them. anyway still it's not up to rich people to help one that need. Someone should take actions. I think I am that someone.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kerja freelance di internet, mau dapet $100 / bulan

barusan lagi iseng cari2 kerjaan. siapa tau ada yang menarik. ternyata ada satu yang menarik yaitu kerjaan input data ato data entry.

ceritanya kita disuruh posting iklan / tulisan ke salah satu web yang ada diinternet tujuannya jelas promosi.

nilainya juga cukup lumayan $10 per job. ada sekitar 8 job. kalo udah nyampe $30 duitnya bisa cair

kayaknya 1 job kemungkinan isinya ada 100 task.

awalnya sih login free, ada konfirmasi imel, setelah bolakbalik cek imel, dapet login masuk ke member area

anyway yang ga masuk akal cuman satu. BAYAR DULU 750rebu.
duit dari mana coba. apalagi kalo yang nyari kerja itu bener2 lagi butuh duit.

jadi kalo mau kerja tapi harus bayar dulu ...... ya.... bukan kerja namanya.

anyway cuman share opinion aja sih. soalnya dulu juga pernah dapet kaya ginian n bayar dulu 150rb.

 terus ya ngikutin semua jobnya tapi baru setengah langkah udah males. ternyata kerja dikantor lebih gede duitnya n nyantei pula.

tapi jangan pernah nyerah deh siapa tau ada kerjaan yang ga perlu keluar duit tapi bisa ngasilin $100 per month.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


so what is beer exactly ?
i never drink that but suddenly hey i want to try that.
beer is the world most consumed alcoholic beverage and usually have the strength 4% ~ 6% of alcohol.

actually there are good and bad effect of beer.
if consumed it in small consumption it'll have a healthy effect

here's some article
it said
  • good for your brain and have fewer strokes
  • help reduce stress
  • The French, who drinks a lot of red wine have the lowest coronary heart disease mortality
so how much is small intake ?

here's some article
  • small bottle or a regular glass of a regular strength (4% ~ 6%) beer. i think its about 250ml (its really small)
  • a glass of wine
  • a small measure of spirit.
so it is good to have 1 glass of beer 4% per day.